Thursday, 13 December 2012

HURU update 5th of Dec 2012

  • The Link for Petrel now supports Petrel 2011.x and 2012.x
  • It is now possible to transfer CMY blends using the Link for Petrel. All previously supported functionality for blends is still supported i.e. you can convert CMY blends to seismic cubes, drape them on horzions etc. COnverting a CMY blend to a seismic cube will allow the cube to be interepreted on.
  • Previously the blend offset wasn't properly propagated across into Petrel. This is resolved.
  • CMY blends can be draped over horizons in the 2d colour blend viewer, which in turn means you can now do geo-image exports of CMY blends on horizons.

Western Australia dataset: CMY blend draped on a horizon

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