Wednesday, 27 February 2013

GeoTeric 2013.1- New Release!

New improved Adaptive Geobodies

  • A more intuitive method to select areas of representative data by painting directly onto the scene. 
  • Improved performance with greater capability to segment larger geological structures. 
  • Enhanced interaction allows geobody QC during adaption. 
  • The geobody toolbar has been replaced with a toolbox with streamlined controls enabling more efficient generation and editing of geobodies. 
  • The geobody metrics dialog is now dockable and updates live during adaption. 
  • Adaption controls have been simplified.


  • HDFD now allows for s32bit data to be processed. 
  • The computer and GeoTeric itself will remain responsive when generating the 3d results. The user is able to continue to interact and use the computer without the background processing using all the CPU. 

Link for Petrel:

  • GeoTeric now connects to Petrel 2011.x and Petrel 2012.x. 
  • Improved performance when importing realized volumes from Petrel and also exporting volumes back into Petrel. 
  • Both the import and export process has got a progress transfer window allowing the user to see how much of the transfer remains. 
  • It is now possible to transfer a CMY blend into Petrel. All previously supported functionality is still supported i.e. you can convert your CMY blend to a seismic cube, drape them on horizons etc. Transferring CMY blends to Petrel allows the user to be able to combine multiple attributes to understand better the structural complexity of a target and subsequently interpret with greater confidence.


  • Further segy load speed improvements.
  • CMY blends can be draped on horizons in the 2d viewer which in turn means you can now do a geo-image export of CMY blends on horizons.
  • GeoTeric 2013.1 will upgrade your old projects. This is all handled by the application but it means you won't be able to load your GeoTeric projects in GeoTeric 2012 version anymore. The upgrade is due to fundamental changes in how the Adaptive Geobodies work. 

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