Wednesday, 24 April 2013

HURU Update 24th of April

Below is a list of issues which have been addressed by the HURU team over the last few weeks. All of the below, together with any previous issues released can be obtained by downloading the latest version of GeoTeric. For an up to date link, please contact Support. 

  • Now supports 16 & 32 bit Depth data.
  • Features more precision with your frequency selection by accepting decimal point values. 
  • Based on the sample rate of the input data range, the HDFD now clips your data back to its valid range if invalid values are used. 
  • Improved default frequencies are suggested, based on your data's sample rate. 
  • The HDFD tool now also produces correct scale for the 3D blend when the input data has got large increments. 
  • The scale values are now also calculated for each new preview, which prevents scale issues when re-using the tool with different input volumes. 
Frequency Decomposition:
  • Cursor Location Reporting is now available on all stages throughout the workflow. 
  • The option is ON by default. If you want to switch it off, it's available in the Tools menu within the Frequency Decomposition. 
TDiffusion: Correct mapping of output data range when running TDiffusion on its own using 32 bit data even if the data doesn't cover the full 32 bit range. 

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