Wednesday, 27 March 2013

HURU update 27th of March

  • Cursor Location Reporting has been added to all the viewers in the Frequency Decomposition workflow. 
  • Contour annotations now display correctly on horizons in the 3d viewer. 
  • When exporting a geo-image from GeoTeric any post scale applied to the blend was not being exported properly. This has been fixed. 
  • GeoTeric no longer throws an error if a floating point seg-y with very large data range is being imported when auto scale is being applied.
  • When working with volumes, which are > 40GB in size and the processing memory set was > 40GB some processes resulted in blank result. This has been resolved. 
  • The UI on the SEG-Y export wizard no longer crops off the UI where user can choose the ordering of the export. 
  • GeoTeric creates a file called .perfcounter - this used to be created in the GeoTeric install directory which produced warning messages under Linux. It has now been moved to the users home directory. 

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