Wednesday, 29 May 2013

EAGE: GeoTeric's Contribution

ffA will be attending the 75th EAGE event to be held in London.  The flagship software, GeoTeric, will be available for personal demonstrations and a series of case studies emphasising the value it can bring to your E&P projects.  We are located on booth #1332 so feel free to come and discuss your challenges with our team of expert GeoTeric geoscientists.
High Definition Stratigraphic Expression
In an industry where high risk and low return assets are becoming ever more common it is essential to gain the maximum amount of information from data and be able to make the most informed decisions. GeoTeric’s fully high definition stratigraphic workflow allows the user to resolve thin ben events, identify geological bodies and intuitively extract desired features.
High Definition Structural Expression
The structural complexity faced in many E&P scenarios is rarely fully understood.  GeoTeric’s high definition structural workflow enables the user to be able to better understand complex deformational events, identification of structural features with multi-attribute analysis and identify and extraction of large scale faults down to fractures on the limit of seismic resolution.

GeoTeric’s Frequency Decomposition
A detailed insight into the Frequency Decomposition methods, RGB colour blending and how the value of data is in the understanding you gain.
Western Siberian Case Study
The application of GeoTeric on a Western Siberian dataset, demonstrating a data driven interpreter guided alternative to conventional interpretation methods.
What’s new in GeoTeric?
Our Director of Geoscience, Gaynor Paton, will be covering the new release announcements for more intuitive GeoTeric functionalities.  On top of this Gaynor will also reveal the 2013 development program.

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