Wednesday, 1 May 2013

HDFD: Clarity in Depth

Within GeoTeric 2013.1 users can now calculate HD Frequency Decomposition (HDFD) on both time and depth data. The user friendly HDFD functionality enables the user to be able to achieve accurate vertical localisation of geological entities in an intuitive and time efficient manner.

Using time migrated data has the advantage of better representing fault locations, correctly collapsed diffractions for AVO analysis and of course, reveals geology better in areas of severe velocity heterogeneity. 

HDFD presents a resolution comparable to the original reflectivity data by directly translating geophysical data into geological information.

In a time where automated velocity picking methods are more accurate, PSTM volumes are becoming more abundant.  Introducing these volumes to functionalities such as the HDFD can reveal geology not previously evident in the data; thus improving an interpretation.

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