Thursday, 9 May 2013

HURU Update 8th of May

Below is a list of issues which have been addressed by the HURU team over the last few weeks. All of the below together with any previous issues released can be obtained by downloading the latest version of GeoTeric. For an up to date link, please contact Support. 

  •      Petrel projects with GeoTeric’s high resolution colour blends in, can now be moved and the colour blends will remain in the project.
  •      Petrel projects with GeoTeric’s high resolution blends can now be accessed by multiple users from different locations.
  •      GeoTeric’s high resolution colour blends can now also be transferred between Petrel projects via the project reference tool.
  •      GeoTeric Linux initialisation problems have been addressed making the process smoother from installation to first use.

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