Thursday, 18 July 2013

GeoTeric 2013.2- New Release!

New tool: IFC+ - a whole new Interactive Facies Classification experience.
  • Classify on RGB Blends and/or multiple attribute volumes
  • Integrated well visualisation
  • Hierarchical data driven and user controlled classification. 
Spectral Enhancement worksheet now available from the Workflow menu within GeoTeric. 

  • Full support for all GeoTeric supported data types: 32bit, 16bit and 8bit.
  • Time and Depth Support
Link for Petrel:
  • Support for multiple item transfers
  • More flexibility when working with Petrel projects containing our High Resolution blends i.e.projects can be moved, accessed by multiple users, the blends themselves can be transferred between projects using the project reference tool.
Standard Frequency Decomposition:
  • Ability to visualise well locations throughout the workflow.
  • Cursor location reporting available in all viewers to further help you to localise yourself. 

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