Thursday, 17 October 2013

Channels: Three levels of Interpretation

The latest release allows users to be able to draw polygons in the 2D Viewer for both volumes and colour blends. The example below shows how GeoTeric has been used to roughly identify a feature of interest, volumetrically extract the feature and apply a hierarchical based facies classification sculpted to the AOI.

The 2D colour blend viewer accessed from the tools allows the blend to be viewed as either horizon or slice.  Then a polygon was created broadly highlighting the feature of interest and saved.  Once the polygon was saved it was automatically published to the project tree under the Polygons folder to be viewed in the main 3D viewer.
The Adaptive Geobodies were then used to extract the channel complexes with the added advantage of providing instantaneous volumetric information, to include, surface area, volume and extents.
The IFC+ enables a facies classification on a colour blend and utilised the Adaptive Geobodies as a mask.  The Adaptive Geobodies can be converted to a volume, and then used in the classification.  A single sample area was highlighted, across the channel, and a hierarchical classification resulted in the below classification.

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