Thursday, 10 October 2013

GeoTeric 2013.3- New Release!

    • New tool: Fault Expression
      • Example driven interactive fault imaging tool which leads by example, showing the user a selection of results prior to any processing. Volumes can be optimised in seconds rather than hours. Fault Expression is intuitive and flexible, working equally well for large regional faults and small intra-reservoir faults. 
    Other changes include but are not limited to:
    • HDFD has been extended to handle larger dataset input sizes. Depending on volume it is also up to twice as fast. 
    • GeoTeric's Adaptive Geobodies can be exported as a triangulated mesh. 
    GeoTeric 2013.3 is available to download from our ftp site as of Monday the 14th of October. Release email will be sent out to registered users but if you want a copy please request the links via "Contact Us" option above. 

    GeoTeric’s new Fault Expression - showing Fault Detect overlain on the reflectivity data from which it was derived


    1. Hi, How to save or backup a project?

    2. Hi Ali
      Thanks for your question- a GeoTeric project is saved continuously whilst using the application so there is no separate save step.
      To back up a project simply back up the entire GeoTeric project like you would a normal data folder.


      1. Thanks Dear ffA, I have a suggestion too, could you please make a place for users to upload their Spectral Composition results as a picture to make a gallery, with some specifics like as location of the data if its possible for you?
        It will be a good Ad. for you.