Thursday, 7 November 2013

HURU update 7th of November

The latest HURU update contains an update to the HDFD workflow. Once the 3D blend and magnitude volumes have finished processing, the finished result will automatically be imported into GeoTeric. The blend and magnitude volumes will appear in the Project Tree in their respective sections.

New shortcut key combinations have been added. Below is a list of the all current key combinations which can be used in the most recent version of GeoTeric:

Ctrl + N
Start a new analysis
Ctrl + O
Continue an existing analysis
Ctrl + M
Open Project Manager
Ctrl + Alt + O
Open the opacity editor
Ctrl + Z
Reset view. Moves the current volume into centre again and resets any zoom.
Ctrl + I
Enable interpolation
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + R
Reset ROI
Ctrl + G
Enable/Disable orthographic camera
Ctrl + 1,3 (Numerical Keypad)
Increase/decrease probe in x New!
Ctrl + 4,6 (Numerical Keypad)
Increase/decrease probe in y New!
Ctrl + 7,9 (Numerical Keypad)
Increase/decrease probe in z New! 
Full screen

The above changes together with any previous issues released can be obtained by downloading the latest version of GeoTeric. For an up to date link to the latest version, please contact Support.

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