Thursday, 28 November 2013

Opacity Blends: Layers of Information

Opacity Blends are layered blends of volumes and/or colour blends based on opacity. The Opacity Blend is based on real colour values so the opacity and colour-map of each of the layers affects the output.  The tool provides a unique method of viewing multiple attributes simultaneously and one advantage is that structural and stratigraphic attributes can be displayed together.
  • Opacity Blend tool can be found in Tools; New Opacity Blend, within GeoTeric.
  • Once New Opacity Blend is launched the Wizard will prompt you to Name the New Opacity Blend and select the type of Opacity Blend you would like to create.
  • The Wizard than will take you onto the Opacity Blend Preview Tool so you can choose the components of the blend and set the opacities. 

The example below shows how GeoTeric Opacity Blend has been used to further understand a Channel feature.

The RGB blend and SO Semblance Opacity Blend allows the user to co-visualise the faults that are off-setting the channel as well as the frequency variations within the compartmentalised areas. In addition, the edges and extents of the channel are better defined. 

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