Wednesday, 5 March 2014

GeoTeric 2014.1 - New Release!

GeoTeric 2014.1 workflows are now even more holistic and better integrated allowing the interpreter to complete more of their work inside GeoTeric. In response to user feedback we have broadened the base functionality whilst also adding new functionality to the most used tools and workflows. 


  • Enables fault delineation directly from a CMY blend of multiple edge attributes, allowing you to see the complete fault expression. 
  • To aid optimal results we have changed the SO Discontinuity attribute to a Dip attribute, giving a more informative preview. 
  • Values have been added to all sliders to increase the understanding of what parameters are being used. This will allow you to more easily reproduce your workflow whilst also giving a better understanding of the parameter space. 

  • Incorporates well data, enabling the classification to be done on geological facies (information from wells), on seismic facies (information from seismic attributes) or both simultaneously. 
  • The user is now able to scatter plot 
    • data vs data
    • log vs log
    • data vs log
Some of these changes have been included in previous HURU updates but to summarise:
  • Targeted Scale  for easier optimisation of your targeted area of interest. 
  • A display of the Frequency Spectrum within the preview window. 
  • The resulting 3D blend will now be automatically added to the project tree.
  • 3D progress bar to give an indication of time remaining. 
Well loading
  • The well import now supports multiple wells with a single import.
  • Full support for Measured Depth wells. 
  • Previously TVD wells which were deviated or horizontal now visualise accurately. 
  • 1-click import of well data (well path, check shots and logs) from Petrel. 
Cultural Data
  • GeoTeric now imports Cultural Data in ESRI .shp file format and visualises them with their attributes in the 3D viewer.
  • Support for polygons only. 
  • The SEGY import has fewer configuration steps and only 1 header scan. 
  • Suggested byte locations
  • Further performance work making it up to 4 times faster. 
  • The GeoTeric help has been updated and completely reworked to reflect a standard GeoTeric workflow.
  • We have also implemented further shortcut keys to manipulate the probe as well as a Snapshot facitlity of the 3D scene using standard Ctrl + C. 

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