Thursday, 24 April 2014

HURU Update 24th of April

The latest HURU update ensures the user defined survey scaling defined in the main window is preserved within HDFD and Fault Expression.

The latest update also contains updates to 2 of our 3rd party Links. The 3rd party links are there to facilitate easy data transfer between other 3rd party applications and GeoTeric. They are an easier and faster way to transfer data than having to export / import seg-y data and thus saving valuable time. GeoTeric currently has got three 3rd party links.

  • Link for Petrel* - Windows. 
  • Link for OpenSpirit* -  Windows and RHEL5.
  • Link for GeoProbe* - RHEL5
*Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger, OpenSpirit is a mark by TIBCO and GeoProbe is a mark by Landmark. 

Link for Petrel:

We have upgraded the Link for Petrel to use Petrel’s plugin format- PIP installers which means these can now be made available as part of the Petrel plugin manager and deployed to a larger user base. The functionality of the Link for Petrel remains the same but the administration and deployment of GeoTeric’s link for Petrel should be greatly simplified by the PIP installer.
Installing it via Petrel’s plugin manager no longer requires local administration rights, enabling end users to install the link.

The Link for Petrel allows for
  • Setting up new GeoTeric analysis based on Petrel project.
  • Transfer of Volumes – both from GeoTeric > Petrel and Petrel > GeoTeric
  • High Resolution Colour blends – GeoTeric > Petrel
  • Surfaces – Petrel > GeoTeric
  • Colour maps – GeoTeric > Petrel
  • Volumes back and forth
  • Well data from Petrel > GeoTeric.
You can also transfer GeoTeric’s Adaptive Geobodies into Petrel and as of GeoTeric 2014.1 there is a 1-click option to transfer in well data (paths, check shots and logs) from Petrel into GeoTeric.
In order to visualise the high resolution blends from GeoTeric, the Link for Petrel has to be installed. Once installed it will also allow you to convert the blend to a seismic cube which can then be used as an input to Petrel’s interpretation workflows.

Link for OpenSpirit:

OpenSpirit acts as a cross platform, cross application “data exchange broker” for E&P software and allows for transfer of data to/from GeoTeric from all the compatible data stores (e.g OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Kingdom etc) through a common interface. 

GeoTeric’s link to OpenSpirit has now been upgraded to be fully compatible with OpenSpirit v4.x. Several issues have also been resolved as part of the upgrade – mainly in relation to using the Openwork’s datastore and these included GeoTeric creating surveys which had the world x/y information the same as the inline/cross line values, which in turn prevented successful transfer of data.
The Link for Open Spirit is available on both Windows and Linux (RHEL5) platform and will allow you to setup a project based on data in OpenSpirit and also facilitates the transfer of  
  • Volumes back and forth 
  • Well data from Open Spirit into GeoTeric. 

The above changes, can be obtained by downloading the latest version of GeoTeric. For an up to date link to the latest version, or more information on any of the above issues, please contact Support.

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