Thursday, 17 July 2014

GeoTeric 2014.2- New Release!

GeoTeric 2014.2 will be available to download as of Monday 21st of July and will contain the following: 

Noise Expression- NEW!
Noise Expression is the second example driven workflow in GeoTeric, which interactively helps you create the optimal input - first time -  for all interpretation and data analysis workflows by allowing very fast optimisation of GeoTeric’s noise cancellation workflow.  It allows you to QC the result by looking at the noise expressed in your data whilst also allowing a comparison to the original data.

Interpretation on Colour Blends- NEW! 
Colour blends are at the heart of GeoTeric and in this new release you are now able to interpret directly on the high resolution blends inside GeoTeric.

Adaptive Interpretation:
  • Adaptive Horizons NEW!- allows you to extract explicit surfaces seen in the blends. Works in a very similar way to the Adaptive Geobodies so it’s a minimal learning curve. The horizons seen in blends can often help with your interpretation in highly faulted areas due to cross fault colour ties.
  • Adaptive Geobodies: previously released tool which allows you to extract adaptive geobodies in a data driven, interpreter guided way.

Manual Interpretation:
  • Fault picking on blends NEW! – you can now pick fault sticks either on a vertical or a z slice and then create fault surfaces based on these. Once you have created your Fault Surface you can then data map on your surface to see fault bounded amplitude anomalies.
  • You are able to draw polygons to outline and highlight specific features visible in the blends in the 2d viewers.

Further to the new tools and workflows above you will notice an updated interface and you are now able to create folders in the project tree, resulting in flexibility to better manage data.

Other changes in the 2014.2 release include:
  • All processing in GeoTeric is up to twice as fast.
  • Colour Blend flattening- allowing you to see the stratigraphy in the blends in a geologically time conformant manner.
  • You are now able to crop your segy during import.
  • We have added support for RHEL6 so we now support 3 platforms (RHEL5, RHEL6 and Win7)

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