Friday, 15 August 2014

HURU Update 15th of August

This week's HURU update contains a series of smaller enhancements and bug fixes to the GeoTeric 2014.2 release. To highlight a few:

Manual Fault picking tools:

  • Ability to step back in time in your picks on a fault stick and correct any mistakes.
  • You are now able to rename both fault sets and fault sticks. 
  • Improvements have been made to the Fault Surface generation algorithm when using horizontal sticks. 
  • You are able to launch the Fault picking mode from the Interpretation menu.

Adaptive Horizons: you are now able to base your growth pattern on probability or proximity to your seed point or a mixture of the two. 

  • Faster caching of colour blends with associated source volumes. 
  • You are able to create, rename and delete sub folders using right click context menu. 
  • Fault Expression now includes the Enhance parameters used in the UI. 
  • Further processing performance work. Especially on Linux where an issue with excessive memory consumption has been resolved.

The above changes can be obtained by downloading the latest version of GeoTeric. For an up to date link to the latest version, or for more information on any of the above issues, please contact Support.

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