Tuesday, 7 October 2014

HURU update 3rd of October- 2014.2 Key update!

The latest update to GeoTeric contains some big enhancements and a series of bug fixes as well. For details on where to download it- either contact Support or log into the Client Area on the website. 

Key Enhancements:
  • There is a new segy histogram on load with an interactive clipping option showing you how much of your data you have clipped. The histogram will update based on your scale option chosen as well as output data type.
  • The Link for Petrel has been extended to allow for transfer of Horizon surfaces from GeoTeric to Petrel. The window is now also re sizable making it easier to navigate your way through the project tree. 
  • Faster horizon import both from file and using the Link for Petrel. 
  • Improvements have been made to how we plot deviated wells using MD. 
  • We have also improved how we plot logs along deviated wells. 
  • GeoTeric 2014.2 is now also certified to run on Windows 8. 

Adaptive Horizons:
  • New option added to smooth the generated surface.
  • They now sit in their own category in the project tree so you can go back to a generated Adaptive Horizon and continue to modify and/or grow it as your interpretation matures. 
Fault Picking:
  • You are now able to add more sticks to an existing set of Fault sticks. To do this simply right click on the fault set you wish to add to and the option will be in the menu. 
  • You can also change the colour of the fault sticks
  • Undo the last picked point by doing a right-click on your mouse instead of left click. 
  • The batch processor randomly crashed on opening if large volume was visualised- this is resolved. 
  • Processing would sometimes get 'stuck' - this is fixed. 
  • The DipAzi Tensor process no longer throws an error when running it using 2 GPU's. 
  • IFC+ would sometimes ignore one of the 3 channels when using a blend based on data covering full 32bit range- again this is resolved.
  • IFC+ no longer crashes when there are items in the project tree which don't exist on disk.
Other issues resolved: 
  • In the 2014.2 release we introduced folders in the project tree meaning you are able to re-organise the project items in an order that suits you. The new order of project items is now replicated throughout GeoTeric as well as ensuring none of the names are partially obscured.
  • Horizons with mapped blends now update properly when switching blend.
  • Sometimes when re-adding mapped horizons to the scene they wouldn’t appear- this has been worked around. 

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