Monday, 24 November 2014

GeoTeric update 21st of November

  • GeoTeric’s Link for Petrel is now compatible with Petrel* 2014. Anyone wishing to use the upgraded should upgrade both the Link and GeoTeric version. 
  •  The Fault surface generation algorithm has been improved so it now better interpolates between the fault sticks when using both horizontal and vertical sticks.
  •  Lastly- there is a new support utility available from within GeoTeric’s Help menu. It’s currently Windows only but it pulls all Support related information together into one text file which can then be sent along any support request. You are able to see what information is being sent and it contains no system sensitive information. 

When you report an issue to Support try to always include the output of this file, allowing us to help you quicker! 
If you require this version either contact support or log into our client download section to access the link. 

* Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger. 

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