Thursday, 11 December 2014

100th Blog Post

It’s our 100th blog post and we would like to recap some of the key posts you’ve seen from us and say thank you for following!

Over the last 20 months we have seen over 35 hints and tips posts that are primarily prompted from us visiting you and trying to show what you may not know about GeoTeric.  We have also seen several of the many publications accepted from ffA and nearly 30 update and release notes including enhancement requests, bug fixes and new technology.

In recent posts we’ve seen the release of GeoTeric allowing for interpretation on colour blends, more example driven workflows and faster processing speeds.  We’ve also seen how to use statistical based attributes for analysis with Frequency Decomposition, how to calculate tuning thickness and gained more understanding to how the IFC+ classes are defined in the distribution model.

To move forward we need your input to make the posts as useful as possible. What would you like to read about?  Is there anything you want more information on? Also, what have you thought of the previous blog posts and topics?
Future suggestions on topics include

Future suggestions on topics include:
  • ROI vs. Subset
  • GeoTeric Workflows
  • 2015.1 Release

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