Thursday, 12 February 2015

New Release- GeoTeric 2015

GeoTeric 2015.1 - Continued workflow innovation, integration and evolution.

New Example driven spectral shaping tool - Spectral Expression.
  • Quick and easy comparison of different enhancement results within the tool automatically calculating 3 suggested levels of enhancement based on your input data.
  • Manually manipulate the spectrum to match desired target spectrum and get instant preview of result.
  • Calculation of spectrum over z-slice or horizon.
  • QC swipe to compare result to original.
  • Quantitative information for both original and enhanced spectrum.

Link for Petrel*
  • Easier and faster to initialise from GeoTeric now- not reliant on reference cube in Petrel any more.
  • Ability to transfer well data from Petrel to GeoTeric - this includes well path, check shot and log data. 
  • Also ability to transfer horizon surfaces to Petrel from GeoTeric.
  • Compatible with Petrel 2014
New 3rd party link- DecisionSpace*
  • Allows creation of new GeoTeric project based on data in DecisionSpace
  • Volume transfer between the 2 applications.
Adaptive horizons
  • There is now a smoothing option when converting from Adaptive Horizon to surface.
  • The Adaptive Horizons now exist as their own tree item so you can go back to 1 previously generated to continue to refine and manipulate it.
  • Able to base growth pattern on probability or proximity- controlled by the ‘Growth’ parameter in the Adaptive horizon tool box.
Manual Fault Picking
  • Ability to expand an existing fault set by adding more fault sticks
  • Ability to change the colour of a fault set and rename it.
  • Whilst picking a fault stick, the last picked point can be undone by using right mouse button
  • Points in fault sticks can be deleted by clicking Ctrl + Shift and selecting the point in question. Once highlighted press Delete.
  • The fault surface generation algorithm has been improved.
Other Enhancements
  • SEGY Histogram on load.
  • SEGY loader automatically detects the SEGY header scale. Can be manually changed if needed.
  • Faster horizon import- both from file and using the Link for Petrel.
  • Win8 and Win8.1 Support.
In previous version depending on graphics card memory and size of data, sometimes when blends were mapped on horizons they displayed as a black surface. This has been resolved. We have also done work on the positioning of deviated wells and their accompanying logs and markers.

 * Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger and DecisionSpace is a mark by Landmark. 

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