Friday, 20 March 2015

GeoTeric update 19th of March

The first update to GeoTeric 2015 contains both some enhancements as well as some bug fixes.

  • You are now able to import multiple horizons of the same format in one go, making the horizon import much more efficient for large batches of horizons. 
  • Improved CRS awareness in GeoTeric's Link for Petrel - previously the Link would throw an error if the CRS of a volume on the Petrel side was changed or modified. Also, horizon surfaces based on a different CRS to the original volume wouldn't transfer across correctly in previous versions. 
  • There was an issue whereby the temp folder wasn't being set properly for the Expression tools and the Adaptive Geobodies. This has been resolved so the temp folder is now set to be the same as the rest of GeoTeric. To set the temp folder go to Tools > Options dialogue > Paths. The temp folder should be set to a folder where the user has full permissions but also where there is space available. Files will be written to the temp folder and depending on input volume some of these could be quite big. They will be deleted after processing is finished.  
  • The RGB colour map exported from GeoTeric when exporting a blend as a 8bit segy volume has been updated to be compatible with latest versions of Petrel. Note this colour map is only 8bit and not the high resolution that can be achieved by the direct transfer using the Link for Petrel.
  • The parser in the batch processor now allows you to multi select volumes  

If you require this version either contact support or log into our client download section to access the link. 

* Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger. 

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