Friday, 3 April 2015

GeoTeric update 3rd of April

The latest update from GeoTeric contains the following enhancements

  • Geological Expression tools now correctly indicate if they are running low on space whilst generating the previews. This will allow you to clear space if needed or move the temp directory to a disk with more space. 
  • Link for Petrel* can now import horizon surfaces from outside the Interpretation folder in the Petrel tree. Note- they still need to be gridded surfaces. 
  • The Adaptive Geobodies measurements have been modified. The calculation previously used a two way travel time value whereas it is now using one way travel time value for conversion. We have also changed the labelling so what used to be Conversion factor is now called Interval Velocity. 

  • The default colour map for all imported segy's have changed to the Amplitude colour bar. 
  • We have also done improvements to the segy export wizard making it smoother and with fewer steps. 

If you require this version either contact support or log into our client download section to access the link. 

* Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger. 


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