Tuesday, 12 May 2015

New Release - GeoTeric 2015!

GeoTeric 2015 - Continued workflow innovation, integration and evolution.

  • Extended and improved Link for DecisionSpace
    • Transfer of horizons between the applications. 
    • Transfer of well data from DecisionSpace to GeoTeric. 
    • Improved volume transfer speed

  • Performance and stability work to GeoTeric's expression tools including 
    • Noise Expression
    • Spectral Expression
    • Fault Expression

Other issues fixed: 
  • The Diapir attribute and the BodyMorphology attribute were not working as they should in all cases- this has been resolved. 
  • Deviated wells in the IFC+ appears in the correct place when viewing on a time/depth slice. 

This release also contains all the previously patch released enhancements which you can read about in detail here 

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