Monday, 17 August 2015

GeoTeric 2015.3- New Release!

New High Definition Frequency Decomposition

  • The new HDFD provides a high resolution frequency decomposition approach that works for broadband seismic as well as conventional seismic data. First to market- it gives you an accurate vertical resolution along with an improved colour resolution. 
  • The new tool is example driven allowing for rapid optimisation of parameters before running it on the full 3D. 
  • Gives user a greater control over the decomposition parameters and an improved understanding of what the results mean. 
  • We have added a QC swipe to allow you to compare the blend with the original seismic in an intuitive way. 
  • Provides a single trace time-frequency plot which allows you to optimise your blend for specific features in the blend.  
  • New colour boosting controls, controlling the colour scale which allows for better interpretation using Adaptive Geobodies and Adaptive Horizons. 

Geological Expression tools' extensions
  • Optional 2nd iteration noise cancellation so that noise with different characteristics can be filtered before applying changes to 3D volume.
  • DipAzi filter size control allows you optimise steering volumes as part of the noise cancellation workflow.
  • Horizon Overlays for improved spatial referencing.
  • Output volume options allowing you
    • to rename the output 3D volumes
    • option to auto-cache
    • option on which volumes to save
    • optimise your parameters for a subset and applying them to full volume

Other Enhancements:

Link for Petrel* is now also compatible with Petrel 2015. 
Improved Fault Trends algorithm
New easier to navigate and search-able help 
Full support for volumes with a floating point z sample rate
Ability to change the background colours in all 2D and 3D viewers. 

We have also fixed several bugs including: 
  • We have fixed some display issues on some large volumes
  • In the IsoProportional Slicing tool, some horizons appeared flipped in the preview. This has been resolved. 
  • Multiple issues resolved in the Expression tools around performance. 

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