Friday, 9 October 2015

GeoTeric 2015.3 update 9th of October

The latest update from GeoTeric contains a range of improvements aiming to make your workflow in GeoTeric smoother.
  • When exporting a RGB blend you now have the option of creating a higher resolution (1024 colours) colour table which will be compatible with Canvas*. This obviously allows you to import the blends and visualise them within Canvas at a better resolution than you were able to do before.  
  • The link for Petrel** has been extended to 
    • allow you to transfer volume colour maps from Petrel to GeoTeric. 
    • allow you to specify a different folder to store the seismic cubes created by the blends than the default folder previously used. The option is available in the "Create Seismic Cube" dialog from right-clicking on your high resolution GeoTeric blend in Petrel.   
    • we have also introduced a progress bar for the transfer of surfaces.
  • HD Frequency Decomposition
    • the Q-trend to estimate where the optimal splits are, is estimated on the slice. We have now introduced an additional option to estimate the Q-trend on your ROI instead, helping you to optimise the splits for the specific frequency response in your area of interest.
    • HDFD- the spectrogram has now a linked z indicator with the main HDFD preview- allowing easier optimisation of your area of interest. 
  • Standard Frequency Decomposition: 
    • We have re-jigged the UI so you no longer have to set your scale option on a per blend basis. Instead you can change frequency inputs and the blend scale factors will remain the same.
    • We have also stopped the view from resetting the level of zoom and pan. Both these changes were made to give you an easier way to compare the result of using different input frequencies ensuring you get the optimal blend. 
  • Fault Expression now has the same 3D output options as the other Expression tools whereby you can choose which volumes to save, cache and which volume to run the process on. 
  • When exporting IsoProportional Slicing attributes to file, GeeoTeric used to default the invalid values to N/A which in turn made it harder to import the exported attributes into some of the other 3rd party software. In this update the user now has the option to specify what value should be used to represent invalid values to ensure a smooth workflow for whatever other 3rd party software they use. 

  • Link for DecisionSpace*** now handles floating point z sample rate correctly.
  • Spectral Expression: we have fixed an issue whereby it sometimes appeared as if the enhanced spectrum curve sat below the original one. The interface issue has been addressed but to stress the 3D result was always right.  
  • When changing input volumes to an OpacityBlend, the blend didn't update properly. This has also been fixed      

If you require this version either contact support or log into our client download section to access the ftp site link. 

* Canvas is a mark by Paradigm. 
** Petrel is a mark by Schlumberger
*** DecisionSpace is a mark by Landmark

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