Friday, 27 November 2015

GeoTeric 2015.3 update 27th of November

The latest GeoTeric update contains the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Exporting a geotiff now embeds the world coordinate information in the header allowing a much simpler workflow when you import the image into another 3rd party application. 

  • Further changes to how colour maps from Petrel* are handled when brought across- ensuring the right compression on all the supported colour maps. 
  • Your GeoTeric project can now have the same name as the folder above where it sits. Previously there was a bug here which caused a lot of confusion and the GeoTeric project wasn't picked up properly but is now fixed. 
  • Extended and updated the support for import of Fault surfaces and fault sticks exported from DecisionSpace**.

If you are wanting this latest update please contact Support or log into the Customer Login section on our website.

* Petrel is a mark by Sclumberger
** DecisionSpace is a mark by Landmark

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