Thursday, 4 February 2016

GeoTeric: new software update

There is a new update available to download -GeoTeric 2015.3.0222.
It contains the following enhancements and bug fixes: 

  • All Expression tools now fully support data in microseconds. 
  • All the Expression tools now maintain the colour map set in the 3d scene.
  • Noise Expression performance improvements. 
  • GeoImage export functionality also has a "Best Fit" option to allow you with 1-click to automatically position the output when exported to a geotiff. 
  • The Link for Petrel* has been extended to support shared check shots as well as TDR curves. Also, transferred check shots now maintain their name so it's easier to track transferred data. 

The update can be downloaded from our ftp site as per usual. For details contact Support or login to the client area on the website. 


Join us in London on April 12th to celebrate our 10th Annual Technology Forum. 
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