Monday, 27 March 2017

GeoTeric 2D

GeoTeric 2D was released last week!

GeoTeric 2D is an Expression Tool optimised for attenuating noise in 2D data. The example driven, preview based interface allows you to rapidly optimise the filters for each 2D line. Multi-line batch processing means that you can easily apply the optimised parameters over your full 2D data set.

GeoTeric 2D Interface

GeoTeric 2D reads and writes the data directly from SEG-Y, avoiding any data loading/exporting issues.

Three filters are available:
  • SO FMH: It is a structurally oriented and edge-preserving filter which uses a combination of median and mean calculations, ensuring that both the coherent and random noise are attenuated. This filter ensures that details like edges, corners and sharp dips in the structure are preserved.
  • SO Mean: It is also a structurally oriented filter, using a more aggressive mean calculation, which increases the continuity of the reflectors and produces a smoother result.
  • Mean: It is a grid oriented filter. It is useful for situations of very low coherency and chaotic data, where structurally oriented filters will struggle.
The choice of filter to use will depend on the objectives of the noise cancellation: if the objective is to map a regional horizon, an aggressive filter like SO Mean will produce a smooth result and allow for an easier auto-tracking of the data. When looking at a reservoir scale, preserving subtle changes in the data is important, so SO FMH will produce a result which preserves the subtle breaks and amplitude changes in the data.

The interface shows 9 swatches, with three default filter sizes for each of the filters. Each filter can be further optimised by changing the filter size using the slider bar at the bottom of the main display.

A before/after comparison slider is available in the main panel, allowing for an easy QC of the results. The difference (result minus original) can also be visualised by clicking on the Difference button at the top.

The multi-line batch processing allows you to apply the same filter to multiple lines in a batch process, so a whole 2D survey can be conditioned in a matter of minutes.

This video shows how to use the GeoTeric 2D Noise Expression tool.

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