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Geoteric | January 22, 2018

GeoTeric 2017.2.2 - Turbo charge your Interpretation

GeoTeric 2017.2.2 - Turbo charge your Interpretation

Geoteric on 22 Jan 2018
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This performance release accelerates GeoTeric’s Expression Tools and boosts the data size that is handled effectively by the application.

The bulk of the work in the patch is around interactivity which can be split into 3 areas:

  • Expression Tool performance
    • Noise & Fault Expression are between 2 and 25 times faster depending on the setup.
    • Spectral Expression is on average twice as fast.
    • The best improvement will be seen in the ‘least optimal’ setup e.g. processing a large volume from a project accessed across a poor network or on an external USB disk.
    • The least amount of improvement will be seen where the starting conditions were good e.g. local project using a small volume.
    • Overall we have reduced the difference in performance seen when running the Expression Tools on a project stored locally versus on the network.
    • The speed improvement seen will vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including volume size compared with processing memory settings (GeoTeric option), shape of volume (i.e. number of traces), physical location of the GeoTeric project, network connectivity, location of temp file directory and RAID setup.
    • The Expression Tool Previews on a 300 GB volume will now appear in less than 3 minutes.Timing used.png

Timings using: 100GB volume, 3300 x5600 x1500 voxels, NVIDIA M2000 graphics card

  • Horizon rendering performance
    • Performance when data mapping large surfaces is much better
    • Performance when shifting data mapped horizons is much better
    • Users are no longer limited by the number of Horizon Points as before and should not need to reduce the number of horizon points in order to visualise the surface
    • In previous versions, some horizons when mapped with data, turned ‘pink/red’ – this has been resolved and should no longer happen.
  • General interactivity performance
    • The start-up time for GeoTeric is now twice as fast.
    • General interactivity has been improved. This will be particularly noticeable when adding and removing items to the scene - including slices, volumes, arbitrary lines, colour blends and data mapped horizons. Another area of improvement is when switching to data mapped mode for horizon and fault surfaces.
    • Improvements will also be seen when panning through data using slices, arbitrary lines or volumes where the data should reach higher resolution quicker and the scene remains interactive throughout.


There are a number of other enhancements and fixes in this release, for more information on these please contact support.

Download the latest release

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