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Geoteric | May 19, 2020

AI publication roundup

We’ve rounded up our AI conference papers and publications to date.  

Click on each title for more information.


Advancing Subsurface Understanding and Maximising Operational Efficiency with AI

GEOExPro (May 2020)

Trusting AI in the subsurface

GEOExPro (April 2020)

Interpretational applications of artificial intelligence based seismic fault delineation

FirstBreak (March 2020)

Automated Fault Detection from 3D Seismic Data Using Artificial Intelligence – Examples from the North Sea, West of Shetland and Australia

Digital Exploration 2020 - DigEx (29-30 January 2020).

AI-Faults interpretation from the real world.

Machine Learning in Geoscience – January SIG Meeting (9 January 2020).

Geoteric AI 2020


Combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Reasoning for Seismic Interpretation

Force Symposium machine learning and subsurface data (20 September 2019).

Combining artificial intelligence with human reasoning for seismic interpretation

SEG 2019 (15 – 20 September 2019)

Strong Foundations, Deep Integration, Infinite Possibilities.

GEOExPro (May 2019)

Application of Deep Learning for seismic horizon interpretation.

APPEA 2019 Conference and Exhibition (27 May – 30 May 2019)

Comparison of Deep Learning Fault Interpretation From Seismic Data With Traditional and Attribute Based Techniques.

AAPG ACE Annual Convention & Exhibition (19-22 May 2019)

Automated Interpretation.

Seismic (14-15 May 2019)

Seismic interpretation: human cognition meets machine learning.

New Advances in Seismic Interpretation Workshop (15-17 April 2019)

Rapid and Accurate Fault Delineation for Reducing Uncertainty.

SGS Luncheon (14 February 2019)

The application of deep learning for more accurate fault delineation

Digital Exploration 2019 - DigEx (30-31 January 2019)

Geoteric AI 2019


Application of deep learning for seismic horizon.

SEG (14-19 October 2018)

Deep Learning Based Horizon Interpretation. 

EAGE (11-14 June 2018)

Geoteric AI 2018

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