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Geoteric | September 22, 2021

EAGE Annual 2021

Join us for the 82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition held in Amsterdam, 18 -21 October. 

This year, the EAGE Annual plans to address the three core dimensions of the energy transition – energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability

Bringing together geoscientists, engineers, decision-makers, young professionals, students, academics and educators, the much anticipated "hybrid" event will  focus on geoscience applications in a rapidly changing energy landscape.   

As Geoteric's technology continues to accelerate the energy transition, our friendly team will be on hand to showcase how our latest AI Seismic Interpretation technology is making waves in sustainability projects.  Technical Programme | Proud Participants

Senior Geoscientists Chris Han, Ryan Williams, and Director of Innovation, James Lowell will be presenting the following ePosters: 

Shallow Geohazard Interpretation using High-Resolution Seismic Attributes and Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday 19 October - Poster Screen 09 2:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Authors: Chris Han, Abdul Cader, Peter Szafian

AI Fault Interpretation of vintage seismic data with implications for CCS site characterisation

Wednesday 20 October - Poster Screen 08 3:55 PM - 5:15 PM

Authors: Ryan Williams, Peter Szafian 

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Horizon Interpretation

Thursday 21 October - Poster Screen 10 2:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Author: Michael Montouchet, James Lowell, Mark Brownless 

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If you can't wait till then, talk to a member of our team today to see our software in action info@geoteric.com.