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Geoteric | March 15, 2023

EAGE Digital 23 - Discover Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation at stand 340


In 2023, EAGE Digitalization takes place in London, UK.  The conference will focus on digitalization as a key enabler to innovation and to the industry transformation needed through the Energy Transition. 

Earlier this year, we launched the world's first AI seismic interpretation software and we're thrilled to be bringing it to the forefront of technological innovation in the industry at this year's EAGE Digitlization event. Building on Geoteric’s cutting-edge AI Fault Interpretation that accurately detects faults invisible to the human eye,  the ground-breaking software now includes structurally-aware AI Horizons.

Revolutionary for geoscientists, enabling fast, accurate interpretation of 100% of seismic data in a volume, even in complex geology. If you are planning on attending EAGE Digital, come and meet the team at stand 340 and find out how you can:

- Benefit from AI technology that’s proven to be revolutionising the energy sector
- Reduce your seismic interpretation time by up to 98%
- Interpret 100% of your seismic data - identify every event from surface to region of interest in hours

Schedule a demo with the team here.

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