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Geoteric | June 13, 2014

ffA announces new release for Q4 2012


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GeoTeric 2012.2: Geological Expression in HD

High Definition Frequency Decomposition

ffA, has announced the release of GeoTeric 2012.2 incorporating its new High Definition Frequency Decomposition (HDFD) Geological Expression workflow.

HDFD is a major advance in volumetric RGB blending and frequency decomposition, which uses advanced colour visualisation to simultaneously examine the seismic response within different frequency bands. This helps the interpreter to identify geological features that are associated with the most subtle changes in seismic response. HDFD has been developed to enhance the understanding of reservoir complexity and to give much clearer isolation of geological features in their true depositional layers.

HDFD precisely targets information contained at any frequency and achieves the best possible resolution at every point in the trace. The enhanced vertical resolution allows much better correlation with well data than conventional frequency decomposition techniques. Through not compromising on resolution, HDFD gives accurate vertical localisation of even the most subtle geological features giving access to information that was previously inaccessible. HDFD is particularly powerful in complex reservoirs and for delineation of features at the limit of seismic resolution, such as the full extent of pinch outs and thin beds.

Agnes Campan, Global Sales and Marketing Director to ffA said, ‘We are very excited by the value that our new High Definition Frequency Decomposition technology can bring to our clients. With HDFD, geoscientists can accurately isolate and reveal geological features that were hereto hidden in the data. HDFD is another example of the way that GeoTeric is making sophisticated, computationally intensive analysis interactive and accessible to every interpreter.”

She added, “In developing this workflow we are building on our lead in the Geological Expression approach to seismic interpretation. This uses the data driven – interpreter guided paradigm to help our customers make much more effective use of their expensively acquired seismic data and results in improvements in the entire interpretation workflow.’

She continued, ‘ffA’s reputation is based on working closely with technology focused E & P companies to introduce cutting edge software and services that solve the problems faced by geoscientists. HDFD adds to our track record of success in geoscience innovation where we are constantly striving to deliver technologies that improve interpretative decision making.”

Contact: AUDREY RUSSELL | Marketing Manager | +44(0)1224 825084 | ARussell@ffa-geosciences.com |
ffA | Northpoint Suite e3 | Aberdeen Science & Energy Park | Exploration Drive Aberdeen | AB23 8HZ | United Kingdom

Note to Editors:


  • ffA provides world-leading GeoTeric Geological Expression software and GeoTeric Services to the oil and gas industry.
  • Geological Expression is a data driven, interpreter guided approach for understanding and defining the 3D morphology of the geological elements imaged within the seismic data.
  • GeoTeric bridges the gap between processing and 3D interpretation by directly translating geophysical data into geological information. With its patent pending data driven and user guided approach, interpreters explore for new reserves and evaluate reservoirs with greater confidence than ever before, while taking weeks out of their interpretation workflow.
  • GeoTeric has powered 300 successful projects for more than 100 E&P companies worldwide.
  • ffA is an independent UK company with offices in Aberdeen, London, Houston, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Rio de Janeiro.

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