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Geoteric | June 13, 2014

ffA GeoTeric First Geological Expression Software Certified for NVIDIA Maximus Technology


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COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, 04 JUNE 2012: Powering a new generation of high-performance seismic interpretation workstations, Geological Expression software provider ffA has announced today certification of its flagship product, GeoTeric®, on the NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology platform.

GeoTeric directly translates geophysical data into geological information. Its data driven, interpreter guided approach reduces subjectivity and removes weeks from the interpretation workflow. Geological Expression is based on the union between objective data analysis and user guided interaction - an ideal match for the visualisation and computing capabilities of NVIDIA Maximus technology.

GeoTeric software running on NVIDIA Maximus powered workstations provides the kind of GPU horsepower required for conducting large model visualisation and GPU based computations simultaneously on the interpreter’s desktop. NVIDIA Maximus technology combines the visualisation and interactive design capability of NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs into a single workstation. Tesla companion processors automatically perform the heavy lifting of photorealistic rendering or engineering simulation computation. This frees up the Quadro GPU to be dedicated to powering rich, full-performance, interactive seismic visualisation.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, over the last four years ffA has brought advances to the seismic interpretation workflow through development of GPU based algorithms and technologies that bridge the gap between the interpreter interaction and analysis of 3D seismic attributes, dramatically improving interpretation productivity in the process, even on the largest 3D seismic datasets.

Steve Purves, ffA director of Technology, said, “Geological Expression is all about maximising the amount of geological information that you can rapidly extract from 3D seismic. We’ve been working across multiple Quadro and Tesla GPUs in our workstations to do this for some time. Now, with NVIDIA Maximus certification for GeoTeric, and the additional supporting technology that comes with it, it is much easier for our clients to procure the Geological Expression platforms that are going to take their interpretation workflows to new levels of productivity.”

“NVIDIA Maximus technology was tailor-made for dramatically accelerating tasks like seismic interpretation,” said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA. “With GeoTeric utilizing Maximus, geological visualisations and simulations no longer need to occur on multiple systems or at different times. Simultaneous visualisations and simulations means better, faster, and easier workflows on a single workstation.”

Note to Editors:

Contact: Audrey Russell, Marketing Manager, ffA. T +44(0) 1224 825084. E: ARussell@ffa-geosciences.com

  • ffA provides world-leading Geological Expression software and services to the oil and gas industry.
  • Geological Expression is the data driven, interpreter guided approach for understanding and defining the 3D morphology of the geological elements imaged within the seismic data.
  • ffA’s flagship application, GeoTeric® bridges the gap between processing and 3D interpretation by directly translating geophysical data into geological information. With its patent pending data driven and user guided approach, interpreters explore for new reserves and evaluate reservoirs with greater confidence than ever before, while taking weeks out of their interpretation workflow.
  • GeoTeric has powered 300 successful projects for more than 100 E&P companies worldwide.
  • ffA is an independent UK company with offices in Aberdeen, London, Houston, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Rio de Janeiro.
  • For images related to ffA Geological Expression Software and Technology visit http://ffa-geosciences.com/index.php/press-page.

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