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Geoteric | June 13, 2014

ffA’s global launch of GeoTeric®


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Resetting the terms in Seismic Interpretation

ffA is celebrating the beginning of 2012 with the global launch of its new seismic interpretation workflow software, GeoTeric™.

GeoTeric™ directly translates geophysical data into geological information. By focusing on bringing out the Geological Expression captured in seismic data, GeoTeric bridges the gaps between seismic processing, interpretation and 3D modelling.

ffA’s leading 3D seismic analysis, frequency decomposition and RGB colour blending technologies are retained within the GeoTeric suite so that GeoTeric will unlock the full potential of seismic data giving interpreters the power to make the most informed, seismically-driven decisions.

Agnès Campan, Director of Global Sales and Marketing states, “We are delighted to be launching GeoTeric. ffA’s proprietary technology has a proven record of success in conventional and unconventional reservoirs worldwide. GeoTeric marks the beginning of a new way of interacting with seismic data. Its development is bringing together all the knowledge, skill and experience we have amassed in identifying the challenges faced by the global E&P community and our users today. GeoTeric spans the spectrum of geological environments including shale, clastic, faults, channels and carbonates. With its unique data-driven and user-guided approach, interpreters will be able to explore for new reserves and evaluate reservoirs with greater confidence than ever before, while taking weeks out of their interpretation workflow”.

1st February 2012Press Release

GeoTeric brings to the market ffA’s innovative Adaptive Geobodies™ technology, developed with Lundin Norge, and which, for the first time, makes it possible to tackle every situation requiring 3D geobody delineation.

With Adaptive Geobodies interpreters can generate 3D geobodies based on single or multiple attribute responses very intuitively and interactively. Sophisticated 3D manual manipulation tools and the ability to account for the interplay between different elements of the geology makes it possible to extract 3D geobodies in areas such as braided channel or karst systems where it would be impossible with all other commercially available techniques.

Managing Director Jon Henderson states, “At ffA we are focused on providing solutions that can be used by all interpreters and which deal with the overriding problem that they all face of too much data, too little time. Objective analysis is the key to solving this problem. With GeoTeric we are bringing together the power of analysis and the knowledge and experience of interpreters in a new way. The result is much more efficient and effective workflows. GeoTeric gives interpreters access to the Geological Expression contained in their data, the ability to interact easily with the data which stimulates ideas whilst providing the time and environment for them to be able to develop scenarios and understand the associated uncertainties. Seismic data contains more information than can currently be accessed and with GeoTeric we interpreters will achieve new levels of seismic interpretation.”

Contact: Audrey Russell, Marketing Manager, ffA. T 01224 825084. E: ARussell@ffa-geosciences.com

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  • GeoTeric™ is registered to ffA.
  • Adaptive Geobodies™ is registered to ffA.
  • ffA provides world-leading 3D seismic analysis Software and Services to the oil and gas industry.
  • ffA’s unique 3D workflow’s are designed to reveal and extract geological features from 3D seismic data, objectively and more accurately than is possible with conventional seismic interpretation techniques to allow geoscientists and engineers to make better decisions in less time, with higher confidence.
  • GeoTeric Services applies ffA software to help its clients improve E & P success and has worked on over 300 operational projects worldwide. Projects include characterisation of deep water channels offshore Angola, close focus fault imaging in the North Sea and delineation of complex salt bodies in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • ffA is an independent UK company with offices in Aberdeen, London, Houston and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
  • For further information visit www.geoteric.com
  • For images related to GeoTeric visit www.ffa-geosciences.com/press.html
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