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Geoteric | April 18, 2016

GeoTeric 2016.1


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GeoTeric is pleased to announce the release of the new look GeoTeric 2016 which was officially unveiled at our annual TechForum last week.

GeoTeric 2016 is much faster than the previous version. We have managed to reduce time taken to run your processes by up to 90% from clicking start until the result is ready to work with. By doing this work we have also managed to dramatically reduce the amount of disk space required for your GeoTeric project, by 80%.

As well as making GeoTeric much faster we have also added context sensitive Cognitive Navigation, making GeoTeric even more intuitive and your workflows more streamlined, whilst ensuring you have the information you need at all times.


We have also extended our Spectral Expression tool giving you greater control over the spectral shaping process and further extending the workflows you can achieve using the tool.

Extended interpretation capabilities give you the ability to interpret the geology you see in colour blends and seismic & attribute volumes in both 2D and 3D views, which means you can extract more from the results you achieve in GeoTeric.


The release can be downloaded through our Client section on the website or alternatively contact our Support team. For more information on what the release contains please see the GeoTeric blog