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Geoteric | April 11, 2017

GeoTeric at EAGE Paris 2017


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We are very pleased to be returning to the EAGE Conference & Exhibition, this year to be held in the romantic city of Paris.

When: 12th -15th June 2017
Where: Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
Booth# 825

We are delighted to release our full on-booth theatre schedule for the EAGE. We will showcase all of the latest additions to GeoTeric, as well presenting how GeoTeric can redefine your interpretation with its brand new, market first Adaptive Interpretation System.

GeoTeric at EAGE 2017

We're also thrilled to announce that we have five oral presentations featuring GeoTeric in the EAGE Technical Programme.

GeoTeric in the Technical Programme

  • "De-risking of frontier exploration targets using cognitive interpretation techniques offshore Equatorial Guinea"
    Session: Petroleum Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa (Dedicated Session)
    Tuesday 13th June 2017 @ 11:45am
    Room C1
    Presenter: Ryan Williams (GeoTeric)
  • "Seismic Interpretation with Regional Structural Awareness - A New Interpretation Technique"
    Session: Seismic Interpretation – New Workflows and Case Studies I
    Wednesday 14th June 2017
    Room A3
    Presenter: James Lowell (GeoTeric)
  • "Calibration of frequency decomposition colour blends using forward modelling; examples from the Scarborough gas field"
    Session: Seismic Modelling – Acoustic I
    Thursday 15th June 2017 @ 8:55am
    Room A4
    Presenter: Peter Szafian (GeoTeric)
  • A Cognitive Approach to De-risking the Thebe Discovery and its Future Potential"
    Session: Exploration Plays, Prospects and Prospect Evaluations I
    Thursday 15th June 2017 @ 9:20am
    Room D3
    Presenter: Ryan Williams (GeoTeric)

GeoTeric Collaborations in The Technical Programme

  • "Identification of dolomite bodies using seismic attributes: a case study from the Arabian Basin, onshore Saudi Arabia"
    Session: Seismic Reservoir Characterisation – Stochastic Methods and Workflows
    Tuesday 13th June 2017 @ 11:45am
    Room B4
    Presenter: Mohammed Almaghlouth (Imperial College, London)