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Jessica Wevill | February 28, 2023

Geoteric’s ground-breaking AI is a critical technology for geoscientists in the energy industry

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in seismic interpretation is a game changer for the energy sector. AI adoption is gathering pace and is already demonstrating is capabilities in driving efficiencies, reducing risks, increasing profitability, and supporting organisations on their critical road to net zero.

These may sound like bold statements, but by delivering faster and more accurate analysis of seismic data, AI is revolutionary. It improves seismic inversion methods, automates the extraction of relevant information from data such as faults and horizons, provides more accurate structural analysis - all while reducing interpretation time.

As a geoscientist myself, it’s important to stress that AI won’t be replacing people. What it will do is support us to make better-informed decisions and reduce the time required for interpretation. By combining geoscientist expertise with the guidance of AI, we are in the driver’s seat.How AI advances seismic interpretationWhen any new technology comes onto the market, it must show that it solves existing problems if it is to be widely adopted. And, right now, geoscientists in the energy sector are facing several issues.

The high demands in the market mean there is a lot of pressure on geoscientists to fast-tracking production decisions. The interpretation of data needs to be done faster but with higher accuracy to ensure successful well-drilling and to reduce downtime, costs, risks, and losses, and to improve safety. However, geoscientists need time to de-risk the play, understand where to focus well placement, and ultimately, impact drilling success.

This pressure is increasingly difficult - in fact, impossible - to manage manually: there are vast amounts of seismic data to interpret. AI solutions can meet this challenge and improve efficiency and profitability. AI can support geoscientists to obtain a greater understanding of future production, altering field development plans based on subtle details such as detecting additional drilling hazards and predicting reservoir volumes. Most importantly, it is done at speed: analysing huge data sets accurately in hours, days and weeks rather than months and years.

Knowledge is power in this industry, and AI delivers that. By looking at things from a 3D rather than a 2D perspective, it arms the geoscientist with a level of understanding that a human eye cannot. It brings assets online faster, delivers greater accuracy in complex geologies, and in the case of Geoteric, shrinks interpretation time by 98%.

Simply, it solves real-time, existing problems. At speed.

Jessica Wevill

"As a geoscientist myself, it’s important to stress that AI won’t be replacing people. What it will do is support us to make better-informed decisions and reduce the time required for interpretation."

Jessica Wevill, Business Development Geoscientist

Introducing the world’s first AI seismic interpretation softwareAt Geoteric, we have directly addressed the increasing issue of demands to fast-track production with our latest software release.

Our AI Fault Interpretation accurately detects faults that the human eye couldn’t pick up, and the update builds on that by including structurally-aware AI Horizons, delivering 100% interpretation of events within the data, however complex the geology. It also transfers seamlessly to third-party modelling software.

Geoscientists who have limited previous experience of Geoteric’s AI can easily access the software, navigate through the workflows, and generate results that have real value. This is achieved by combining the knowledge and expertise of geoscientists with the power of AI. Some of our clients have been working on a specific asset specific geology for years, so capturing that knowledge - putting that immense expertise into a data science setting is very valuable.

The result is a tool that not only puts geoscientists in command but does so safely. There are understandable concerns when adopting new technology that it can pose a security risk, but Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation works behind firewalls and allows companies to retain complete control of their data. No data needs to leave a company’s IT system.

Accelerating the journey to net zeroA key element of any new technology in this industry is supporting the energy transition and the drive towards net zero. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) will play a significant role in off-setting the volume of CO2 emissions generated during operations, and AI is fundamental to safely and accurately identifying suitable sites.

To ensure the safety of injecting carbon capture, a top-to-base interpretation of the entire data section is needed. To gain access to a facility and obtain a license to operate this process, you must show that you can interpret the entire system. Geoteric AI Horizons is unique in interpreting every single event in the data, not just a selected area, allowing an operator to very rapidly and very accurately gain a full understanding of the risks of carbon capture and injection.

The future of AI in seismic interpretationThe good news is that the energy sector is embracing AI and the industry increasingly trusts the process, trusts the security, and trusts the outcomes. Companies that are late to realise the benefits of AI will be left behind by competitors because operators, scientists, and engineers are becoming more comfortable and confident with it. They have seen how it makes their lives easier, reduces risk, and improves efficiencies.

With the energy transition dominating the talk at boardroom level, the need to adopt AI is only going to accelerate as we head towards 2030. The result is an exciting time for innovation, and at Geoteric we’re proud to be leading the way in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with seismic interpretation.

A safe future will be a symbiosis between the geoscientist and the data science, creating a virtuous circle: the more powerful the knowledge, the more powerful the AI, the more powerful the knowledge.

The result? Greater efficiencies, less risk, profitability, smarter business decisions, and a better future for all.

Try Geoteric AI on your seismic data, today. Get in touch - info@geoteric.com.