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Geoteric | January 17, 2024

Event: Stratigraphy in Modern Geoscience: methodologies, application and future relevance


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AI Stratigraphy

"Stratigraphy is the essence of geology. Geology is critical to solving many of the world’s major issues. Thus, stratigraphy has a critical piece to play in the future... "

On January 23 2024, The Geological Society will be hosting their hybrid event 'Stratigraphy in Modern Geoscience: methodologies, application and future relevance'. in London, UK.

As part of the event, Geoteric CTO, Dr Mark Brownless will be delivering a presentation, 'Stratigraphy into the future'.

Mark's talk will look at the importance of stratigraphy in the future of geoscience and how advancements in technology, efficiently turn seismic data into geological information, then into increased subsurface understanding and ultimately, to better decision making.

To register for the event, click here.

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