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Lynn Stevenson | June 7, 2016

Success at EAGE 2016 - Thanks to you!

Lynn Stevenson

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Dear all

Following our visit to the beautiful city of Vienna, and the success of EAGE 2016 – we thought you might like to see some of our highlights from the event. Check out our photos below.

Even though the overall attendance was down at EAGE 2016, we felt the footfall to our booth was steady, and in some instances – we were at full capacity. We drew in the crowds with our technical booth talks, which demonstrated the power of GeoTeric’s Cognitive Interpretation workflows and our on-booth training which gave attendees the chance to get hands-on experience with the 2016.1 version of our software. During the current economic climate, and I won’t go into detail, positive vibes are few and far between so it requires attendance to these events to ensure we maintain awareness of our software and continually push Cognitive Interpretation – objectives we felt were successfully met at EAGE 2016.

Our collaborative lunch sessions showed how GeoTeric is used in conjunction with other leading industry applications, presented alongside Eliis, Sharp Reflections and GeoScience Ltd over the course of three days.

The crown for the best & biggest news of the event goes to the announcement of the collaboration between Eliis & GeoTeric. Going forward, this collaboration will represent the work required to seamlessly link GeoTeric with PaleoScan, which is a major step forward in the future of Cognitive Interpretation in the Oil & Gas sector. Allowing these two platforms to link, will improve the precision of horizon interpretation and the detail obtained from colour blends & multi-attribute volumes.

While on the topic of awards, we are also very proud to announce that Dr Gaynor Paton, Director of Geosciences, was presented with an Honourable Recognition Award for her contribution to the EAGE Student Education Program.  Congratulations, Gaynor!

We also had four abstracts accepted to the technical conference (well done to Gaynor Paton, Luis Gomez and Ryan Williams) and GeoTeric’s precise results and striking imagery also featured in technical presentations from our users, who used Cognitive Interpretation workflows in their projects.

So while we wrap up EAGE 2016 and crack on with SEG 2016 (Dallas), on behalf of the whole GeoTeric team I’d like to thank all those who passed by (and pre-booked) to make the effort to visit us. I’d also like to thank all GeoTeric staff who helped during preparations for the event, represented & presented GeoTeric and those who supported us from our global branches while we were onsite in Vienna.

Until next year!

Nathan Young
Product Marketing


Above:  At the EAGE President's Evening, Dr Gaynor Paton was presented with an award for her contribution to the EAGE Student Education program.  Well done Gaynor!

Above:  Quantifying colour blends with GeoTeric's forward modelling

Above: Dr Ryan Williams of GeoTeric and Dr Rossella Sbarra of GeoScience Ltd present  

Above:  GeoTeric and Eliis announce new collaboration to link PaleoScan and GeoTeric.  Photo shows Sebastien Lacaze of Eliis and Gaynor Paton and Jonathan Henderson of GeoTeric.

Above:  Gaynor Paton (GeoTeric) and Peter Harris (Sharp Reflections) host a very busy Collaborative Workflow Lunch session featuring GeoTeric with prestackPro, from Sharp Reflections

Above:  Our English (Yorkshire) tea proved popular in Vienna!