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Emma Dark | September 16, 2019

Aberdeen Technology Forum 2019

Emma Dark

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For over 30 years our pioneering software has revolutionised attribute generation and visualisation.  As we continue to challenge and advance innovation in the subsurface arena, we’d like you to join our Aberdeen Technology Forum which will explore our new AI fault interpretation service. 

Built to complement the traditional seismic workflow, our AI fault interpretation service ensures more time is available for interpreters to understand the entire structural regime and to concentrate on complex areas that require human interpretation skills. 

What to expect from the forum:

  • Our key functionality
  • How we’re leveraging deep learning and our results
  • How you can get involved


Guest presentation:

We are very excited to announce Spirit Energy will be presenting results of the first AI project ran on a dataset from the NCS. Our thanks also go to TGS for allowing the results to be shown at the events.


Registration is now open:

Aberdeen Forum: Thursday 7 November 

Orega Aberdeen
The Silver Fin Building,
Union Street, Aberdeen,
AB11 6DB
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For more details, download our full schedule


Ahead of the events, if you would like to schedule a meeting or a demo, contact Cameron Davis, Business Development Manager.

We look forward to seeing you there!