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Geoteric | November 24, 2022

Webinar: Geoteric AI Fault Interpretation, guaranteed results even in challenging seismic data

AI Fault Interpretation - guaranteed results even in challenging seismic data

Both sessions will be taking place on Thursday 8 December at 08:00 GMT (09:00 CET, 15:00 AWST) and 14:30 GMT (15:30 CEST, 08:30 CST).Interpreting challenging seismic data is one of the largest problems faced by our customers. In order to visualise the 3D structural complexities of the subsurface, they require a 3D solution that only Geoteric AI Faults - 3D Networks provides. The 3D neural networks rapidly and accurately identify subtle structural features such as small-scale faults that are invisible to the human eye, even in challenging data. Having an enhanced understanding of the structural features in the subsurface allows our customers to make more informed decisions either pre-drill or post-drill based on new information.


Along with global case studies, Abdulqadir Cader, Senior Geoscientist will demonstrate how Geoteric AI Faults - 3D Networks:




              • Is the only solution to solve 3D geological problems even in very complex, challenging seismic data.

                • Guarantees fast, accurate results, straight out-of-the-box in complex geology.
                • Rapidly and accurately identifies small-scale faulting that is invisible to the human eye but can have a huge affect on production and safety.
                • Is a customer-hosted solution with easy-to-use workflows that can be easily integrated with existing systems.


The webinar presentation will be 30 minutes long including a Q&A session with Dave Brett. You can post questions in the chat box during the webinar and they will be addressed at the end of the session.

This webinar will be delivered across two sessions to cover both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. Please use the links below to register:

Eastern Hemisphere   
Thursday 8 December | 08:00 GMT | 09:00 CET | 15:00 AWST

Western Hemisphere     Thursday 8 December | 14:30 GMT | 15:30 CET | 08:30 CST

Spaces are limited for this event, so please register early to avoid disappointment.
For more information, contact us at info@geoteric.com.