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Geoteric | May 4, 2021

Webinar: BHP Atlantis Oil Field Project


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Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 12th May at 3:00 pm (BST) | 9:00 am (CDT), with a repeat on Wednesday 19th May 9:00 am (BST), to find out more about BHP's recent experience with using Geoteric’s AI solutions.

Understanding fault distribution is vital for field management but, in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, seismic data quality can be challenged by reservoir depths and the presence of salt, both of which can hamper efforts to understanding fracture systems.

This presentation will discuss how BHP applied Geoteric AI to support the rapid interpretation of a new seismic dataset in the Atlantis field[1]. It will also examine how they leveraged the prowess of this latest AI information to guide them into making better-informed decisions regarding well placement, reducing uncertainty and changing the risk profiles for future wells.

“Geoteric AI was able to identify subtle faults seen in our well data but previously thought to be below seismic resolution.”

Kelly Wrobel (Senior Geophysicist at BHP) will be offering her independent and impartial perspective covering:

  • Key objectives of the project
  • Unbiased interpretations of faults
  • Rapid analysis of new data field-wide
    • Different scale interpretation: from regional to reservoir to well
    • Identification of faults at and near seismic/well resolution
    • Aid accuracy of fault dip/direction/extension

The webinar presentation will last no more than 20 minutes. This will be followed by a Q&A session of around 10 minutes. You can post questions in the chatbox during the presentation itself, and these will be answered in the Q&A, along with any further audience questions.  

Please use the links below to register:

Western Hemisphere   

Wednesday 12 May | 3:00 pm BST | 9:00 am CDT

Eastern Hemisphere     

Wednesday 19 May | 9:00 am BST | 10:00 am CEST | 4:00 pm AWST

Spaces are limited for this event so register early to avoid disappointment.
For more information, please contact us at info@geoteric.com.

[1] Data courtesy of Atlantis field operator BP for allowing these results to be shown.