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Geoteric | August 10, 2023

Webinar: PGNiG | Geoteric: AI Seismic Interpretation for improved well planning and safety


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Webinar AI Seismic Interpretation PGNiG

PGNiG wanted to better understand the compartmentalisation between hydrocarbon-bearing and brine-bearing compartments in their very structurally-complex reservoir. 

In just two weeks, Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation corroborated that a fault-bound compartment containing a newly drilled well, was not in communication with other parts of the reservoir structure.  As a result, PGNiG were able to update their geological model with the ability to identify new areas of compartmentalization, for new dynamic modelling and simulations to improve well planning and safety. 

Both sessions will be taking place on Thursday 7 September at 08:30 BST (09:30 CEST, 15:30 AWST) and 14:30 BST (15:30 CEST, 08:30 CST).

Kathrin Malzer, Senior Geophysicist at PGNiG will demonstrate that Geoteric AI Seismic Interpretation:


Kathrin Malzer

  • Identified subtle faults and when combined with AI Horizons, their effect on compartmentalisation in very complex geology.

  • Delivered unbiased, data driven results in weeks that fed directly into well placement and safety discussions.

  • Increased trust in machine learning in the team and the company.

The webinar presentation will be 30 minutes long including a Q&A session. You can post questions in the chat box during the webinar and they will be addressed at the end of the session.

This webinar will be delivered across two sessions to cover both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Please use the links below to register:

Eastern Hemisphere   
Thursday 7 September | 08:30 BST | 09:30 CEST | 15:30 AWST

Western Hemisphere     Thursday 7 September | 14:30 BST | 15:30 CEST | 08:30 CST

Spaces are limited for this event, so please register early to avoid disappointment.
For more information, contact us at info@geoteric.com.