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Hugo Garcia | December 7, 2017

Support & Error Reporting

Support & Error Reporting

Hugo Garcia on 07 Dec 2017

Do you know how to report support queries to GeoTeric?  If a User has a question about GeoTeric, it is important that these questions are reported to GeoTeric Support for accurate response. The best way to contact GeoTeric Support is to submit an email to Support@GeoTeric.com copy in your local GeoTeric Geoscientist too. When contacting GeoTeric Support directly there is certain information that is of great value when logging a support query:

  • First describe the issue as best as possible
  • If possible add images
  • If there is an error message send an image
  • Graphics card make and model
  • Graphics card driver number
  • Operation System version
  • GeoTeric version (in GeoTeric Help>About)
  • If using Windows OS send GeoTeric Support Info file (in GeoTeric Help>Support Info, this will open a window with the relevant system information that can be saved as a .txt file)
  • Description of the workflow that was being applied

In order to investigate the origin of the issue and how to fix it, the Support Team based in Newcastle, must first replicate the problem in-house. This is where the above information plays a key role. If the issue cannot be replicated in-house, further steps can be taken to resolve this.  For example, the Support Team can contact the User for more information and if required have a remote online meeting to investigate further.

By knowing how to report your issues and the information we need to recreate and solve them, you can help us to speed up the process. This collaborative approach allows us to better understand how Users work with GeoTeric, which ultimately provides you, with a more efficient platform.

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