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Geoteric | May 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Seismic Interpretation


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Publications Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The key to all seismic interpretation is the interpreter’s experience and knowledge, so why should artificial intelligence change that? The reality is, it shouldn't.

Whilst AI holds the promise of improving the quality, speed and understanding of subsurface data, widespread adoption of this system heavily relies on trusted results.

At Geoteric, we maintain AI-driven interpretation results ought to be treated as assistive technology that goes beyond the functions of the traditional workflow. Our AI Seismic Interpretation offering presents an effective approach to AI design that geoscientists can trust.

Within this article James Lowell, Peter Szafian and Nicola Tessen present why AI presents a huge opportunity to improve seismic interpretation, especially if used to complement traditional techniques.  Click here to read the article in full. 

GEOExPro VOL 16  No. 2  MAY 2019 Artificial Intelligence and Seismic Interpretation