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Geoteric | February 12, 2018

Webinar - How to Refine Existing Interpretation in GeoTeric - On demand

GeoTeric Webinar feb.png


The live webinar has passed, you can now view it on demand


Webinar 22nd February 2018

This webinar will show you how to edit your existing interpretation using GeoTeric’s Adaptive Horizon technology. It will cover how to refine your existing horizons to benefit of the improved accuracy of the graph theory approach.

The webinar will demonstrate how to:

  • Bring your existing horizons into GeoTeric
  • QC the results against Frequency Decomposition RGB blends
  • Edit the horizons interactively using the 3D editing functionality
  • Remove existing interpretation in areas where the horizon is inaccurate
  • Track the horizon over those areas with different methodologies
  • Create surfaces and export them


Luis Gomez, Senior Geoscientist