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Geoteric | October 4, 2016

GeoTeric 2016.2 Release


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Geoteric 2016 series

GeoTeric makes your E & P workflow more efficient and improves reservoir understanding as it releases the 2016.2 version of its software
3rd October 2016

GeoTeric has announced the release of GeoTeric® 2016.2. Workflow productivity continues to be a major driver behind the development of GeoTeric. With the 2016.2 release the already high performance and ease-of-use have been taken a step further and the overall user experience is now even better through the provision of extended interpretation functionalities and improved reporting of metrics.
A major benefit of GeoTeric 2016.2 arises from access to additional well functionality and extended fault interpretation capabilities. The new well functionality enables simultaneous display of up to three logs per well creating a fully integrated well-log data and seismic attribute 3D interpretation environment. Capable of handling a large number of wells and large seismic surveys, GeoTeric 2016.2 is built for seamless visual performance, which is key to the Cognitive Interpretation approach. The extended editing and transfer of fault sticks and surfaces, allows users to better integrate accurate structural interpretations into the full GeoTeric workflow.
In addition, GeoTeric’s example driven Expression Tools are up to six times faster. This improved performance allows the interpreter to make faster decisions and utilise the example driven interface in the most effective way to accurately optimise the attribute parameters first time round.
Complementing the E&P workflow further, GeoTeric 2016.2 has improved functionality for volumetric measurement, which is incorporated in the new STOIIP/GIIP calculator, completing the prospect generation workflow.
Dr Gaynor Paton, Director of Geosciences said, “GeoTeric continues to offer users cutting edge technology that out-performs our competitors.  The speed improvements in the unique Expression Tools ensure interactive performance with big data, and the new Well format enables even more effective integration of large amounts of well data. This latest release extends the Cognitive Interpretation workflow in both the Exploration and Development arenas.”
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Note to Editors:
1. GeoTeric provides world-leading Cognitive Interpretation software, Services and Support to the global oil and gas industry.
2. Cognitive Interpretation enables you to see the geology before you interpret using software that is designed to work symbiotically with your natural cognitive processes. Cognitive Interpretation enables a data driven, interpreter guided approach for understanding and defining the 3D morphology of the geological elements imaged within the seismic data.
3. GeoTeric bridges the gap between processing and 3D interpretation by directly translating geophysical data into geological information. With its patented data driven and user guided approach, interpreters explore for new reserves and evaluate reservoirs with greater confidence than ever before, while taking weeks out of their interpretation workflow.
4. GeoTeric has powered more than 300 successful projects for over 100 E&P companies worldwide
5. GeoTeric is a part of ffA- an independent UK company with offices in London, Houston, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Rio de Janeiro, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.