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Peter Szafian | October 16, 2018

October webinar - Integrated reservoir characterisation using GeoTeric – a case study

Peter Szafian

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Integrated reservoir characterisation using GeoTeric – a case study

Reservoir characterisation using advanced seismic techniques can mitigate risk and enhance hydrocarbon exploration. 

This webinar presents an integrated reservoir characterisation of the Triassic Mungaroo Formation in the Yellowglen-Chandon gas discoveries (North Carnarvon Basin, NW Australia).

1810 Oct webinar image The project is based on:

  • Formation evaluation
  • Structural analysis
  • Stratigraphic expression using wireline log interpretation
  • Core description
  • A synthesis of regional studies
  • Application of structural and stratigraphic seismic multi-attribute analysis
  • Development of high-definition frequency decomposition

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