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Lynn Stevenson | January 6, 2017

New Release - GeoTeric 2016.2.1

Lynn Stevenson

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Geoteric 2016 series

6th January 2017:  GeoTeric 2016.2.1 is now available for download.  This new release aims to improve user efficiency and make your workflow even easier.  Highlights include:

New!  Link for PaleoScan

Allowing closer & faster integration between GeoTeric and PaleoScan.  The link allows for:

- Creation of a new PaleoScan project based on data in GeoTeric.

- Transfer of volume(s) both ways.

- Transfer of horizon(s) both ways.

- Transfer of PaleoScan geological model(s) from PaleoScan to GeoTeric.

New!  GeoTeric Horizon Packs

Users can now easily scroll through a mapped blend or a volume on several horizons by creating a Horizon Pack.  By using the IsoProportional Slicing tool, the user can create iso-conformant surfaces and then scroll through these showing the goelogy in a stratigraphically conformant manner.

Updates!  Further usability enhancements to wells, Spectral Expression and surface overlays.

- The wells in the 2d and the IFC+ now also shows the wells as ribbons with the same controls as was introduced for the wells in the 3D scene in 2016.2

- Spectral Expression has been extended and now does Spectral Band passing using either Butterworth, Ormsby, High pass or a Low pass filter.


Download the New Release Flyer & View Video Animation here.

To access this release, please contact GeoTeric Support.